A good cycle should give you years and years of happy miles. All you normally need to do is to give your baby some TLC, by way of periodic maintenance. Because working with your bike is so rewarding, we have put together some easy to do home maintenance tips on the FAQs page. If you’re the DIY type, you’re welcome to come by the store, work on your bike, and get your hands dirty  : )

We’re the only game in town, nay, the country, to have trekked halfway across the globe to the prestigious United Bicycle Institute (UBI), Portland, attended the bike mech and shop maintenance workshop. Many years of fooling around with bikes, first, as home mechs, then as shop mechs have shaped our experiences – and these go into making sure that your cycle has the most smooth ride.

We also pioneered bike maintenance workshops in Bangalore. In collaboration with Park Tool, arguably the coolest bike tools and equipment folks, we conduct the Park Tool School.

Our attitude of “what can we do to help the customer?” makes us do crazy stuff. Take for example, when we repaired a cracked carbon frame for a customer who is now putting more miles on that bike and grabbing podiums. Or re-welding a broken Brompton frame to original spec.

For those times when your baby needs a good service to get it running as good as new, just call us on 0-8861-544666 to book a service. This is only so that we know we have the time and attention to devote to your bike.