Great, I’ve got the bike. Do I need any accessories with it?

Good question. Let’s look at essential accessories, and gear you can add on as you start to enjoy riding more and more.

Initial buys:

  • Helmet. A good one.
  •  A puncture kit with tyre levers
  • A spare tube in the correct size
  • A floor pump
  • Cable lock
  • Headlight and tail lamp
  • A decent multi-tool that contains the essential Allen keys, Philips and flat screwdriver
  • Chain degreaser and lubricant (ask us how to clean your chain!)
  • Bottle cage and water bottle

Subsequent buys (based on your need)

  • Cycling shorts and jerseys
  • A good frame pump for longer rides. Don’t waste money on a mediocre product
  • A cyclo computer / Garmin to keep track of distance and speed
  • Saddle bag / bento bag to carry your puncture kit, phone, spare tube, keys and some money
  • Riding glasses for protection against glare and dust. Either photochromatic or with interchangeable lenses. Ensure the lenses are polycarbonate, or some other shatter-resistant material.
  • Side stand, if you use your bike to commute  /shop on

And even more..

  • A car rack, if you reach the point where you want your ride with you on holidays 🙂 oh, check out the
  • Clipless pedals, when you’re comfortable enough to  take your ride to the next level. Clipless pedals (which is a counter-intuitive term, because they take cleats) will help boost your cadence, rhythm, and control.