Continuing the story of our rebirth/ rebranding… this one is how our logo came about.

Once we figured out the name, the next step was to finalise the logo.

We turned to Vinod Sebastian.



(All pictures stolen from facebook with scant regard to ownership. We hope Vindo doesn’t mind. We call him Vindo. For reasons long forgotten. He worked with us at The Fuller Life and before that, he has been Nikhil’s friend from school.)

Vindo is an early convert cyclist, believes in the simple life, loves the outdoors, has lived in jungles, is an organic farmer, is  super athletic and is Superdad.

That’s a Vindo montage for you –

niks n vindoaadieveryone

In order of appearance, let us explain the pics – Nikhil & Vindo, circa 2009. Pic stolen from Ganga. Ching the dog and Aadi the son.  A rare pic where all of us are there 🙂 Pavan in green, Vindo & Mon in blue, Niks in yellow)

We figured we have to give Vindo enough ammo to be getting on with. So, we set out to look up logo lore. Research is everything, after all.  And boy, did we go all out! We learnt this –

There are different kinds of logos –

Wordmark (like Google. Where the word itself is the logo),

Lettermark (like IBM. Where the initials are the logo),

Brandmark (like, Mercedes. Where the most recognizable thing is the symbol that goes with the logo),

Combination mark (text + symbol. Like pizza hut),

Emblem (text inside symbol, like Harley Davidson)


Then we gave Vindo some guidelines –

Some of the guidelines we thought of

·        The logo unit can only have CRANKMEISTER part of it and the Bicycle Works can be a descriptive line below it in a plainer font.

·        Less is more

·        Bright contrasting colours

·        Solid colours, no gradients so that it is easy to print. Also fewer colours will be good.

·        Not cluttered so that it renders itself well when small

·        Adjectives to describe the logo

o   Strength

o   Upmarket

o   Conviction

o   Quality

o   Expertise

  • Punch!

So we looked at designs and looked at colours…




And finally, we bolted down this –

Crankmeister Bicycle works - 851 x 315


You know what we love best about it – the little dot of the ‘I’ in bicycle’ that is grey and goes into the chain of the ‘M’ in Crankmeister. Something about it. Very grown up and meaningful.

If we get very famous and bigass, we’ll say stuff like, “oh, when we envisaged the logo, our thought process was that the synergy in our work – be it between our cycle sales vertical and service or be it the synergies between our customers, stakeholders and cycling community at large – should be an integrated part of our thinking and therefore our logo. By doing this, we have inextricably intertwined the inherent interplay between the interstitial intricacies of the internet and the interlaid errr… inaccuracies of the…umm.. intestine.”

Okay. If we sound like that, shoot us!

Aaaaaanyway, we figured out the final logo. Went out for some Shawarma (that’s our signature move. Celebrate important moments in life with Shawarmas)

And that is how the logo came about!


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