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Nikhil’s Surly Cross–Check is our favourite guinea-pig. It’s always being subjected to our close, often damaging attentions.






A case in point – just last week, his Hospital Foam X-Check ( to give its full and euphonious name) was in fixie mode. All-City flip-flop hub, 16-cog track ring, flat bars, 45-tooth FSA single crank, and a pimp-mah-ride bright crimson 1/8” Origin8 track chain.


Now, with the BAR events looming near, Nikhil decided he needs a road bike. In our usual state of penury, and with the store swallowing all our funds like some insatiable but much-beloved mechanical mastiff, he opted to morph the X-Check.



Some serious rummaging around in his parts bin, and we came up with an 8-speed , single crank, cantilever-brake, Fulcrum-wheelset & drop-bar equipped roadie  that  took maybe an hour and a half of serious work. And the really fun part? You can see the fixie somewhere deep inside peeping out.





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