Park Tool School – and we blog about it again!

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Close to 10 months back, a serendipitous conversation with Arvind Ganesh of Happy Earth, (the guy responsible for Park Tool being available in the country) about our plans to do DIY workshops turned what we used to call, in our corporate days, “win-win” 🙂

He was looking for an LBS to conduct the Park Tool School and we were planning to put together the curriculum for a workshop. And our love for everything blue, white and Park Tool is too well-documented! So, it was on! We got our eager little hands on the Park Tool instructor’s manual and went all out. In a month, we were good to go!

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Pavan and Nikhil are greatly placed to lead these sessions. Pavan’s stint as a trainer and his natural flair for being succinct and Nikhil’s deliberate and specific communication style are their strengths. Top that off with the fact that both of them just absolutely love teaching and sharing their experiences with a curious audience means, they look forward to the monthly sessions of Park Tool School.

We start with going through the parts of a bike.




(Image courtesy:

We go then, part by part, talk about tyres, tubes, types of valves, punctures, wheels, chains, cleaning them, derailleurs, cassettes, cranks, the frame, braking system, how to maintain all of these. Now, obviously, neither do you want to read about it all, when you can watch someone talk about it nor do I have the energy to transcribe 3.5 hrs of talking 🙂 So, suffice to say, lots of great info on the basics of bike maintenance, with oodles of “this has happened to me and this is how I dealt with it in real life”. For instance, how do you mark a puncture in the middle of nowhere, if you don’t have a pen handy.


We take a break to refill our audience with coffee (really good coffee, may we remind our blog readers for the 4,532th time) and biscuits.



We play games like “Guess the cycle and Pavan’s weight”. Okay. Kidding, kidding!! 🙂



We spend a lot of time watching and talking and asking questions and answering them




Oh. Watch a couple of short videos on what you can expect –

Pavan explaining chain cleaning –

pavan vid

And Nikhil talking about hubs –

nikhil vid


You hear a lot of stuff like –

“A good chain should feel kind of like silk”, “the job of a derailleur is to derail the chain”, “dude, you are making me feel myself up”

And finally, with a 10% off on all Park Tool products, we sign off and retire to one of our favourite things on earth 🙂 Lunch!!

So who’s up for the next round?



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