We love cycles, plain and simple. We love the simplicity of the design that has essentially remained the same for over a century, we love the fact that simple mechanical elements like levers, wheels, and pulleys can be put together to function like a Swiss watch. Oh, right, we forgot …the Swiss watch, too, is just an assortment of levers, wheels, and pulleys. Bad metaphor 🙂 We love that bikes can reduce your fuel bill to next to nothing, but some of those bikes can cost as much as a small car.

We love drooling over the cross-hatching of carbon-fibre on an expensive road bike. We love the upright stance of a hybrid as it scoots through traffic. We love that the crunchy buzz of knobby tyres on a trail. We love that you can multiplex your commute and your workout in one activity.

We love the muted, precise clickety-click of an expensive freewheel. We love the totally counter-intuitive mechanics of a Presta valve.

We love bar tape.

We love WD-40.

We love executing balancing acts at traffic stops.

We just love cycles.

Here’s what makes us

  • We sell the cycles we ride. We sell what we believe in. Anything we sell would have been field-tested by us.
  • You will always get total honesty from us, and the best advice. Whether you are a new cyclist looking at getting back on the saddle after years pushing a desk, an experienced commuter looking for an upgrade, or a seasoned road biker who knows chamois cream from moisturiser, you will get the best service. We will only sell you the bike that’s right for YOU.
  • Choice of brands and models. We recognize that one size does NOT fit all.
  • We know that when your beloved bike needs attention, you want it now. Don’t fret, servicing your bike is just a phone call away.
  • We encourage you to take our bikes out for a spin. Try ’em on for size and comfort.


We are just regular Joes, Javeds, and Jairams who have come, slowly but inexorably, to an epiphany. At some point a few years ago, we started using our bikes a lot more, both for exercise and to get to work. Our cars went into cold storage. Along the way, we have ridden a whole bunch of bikes in all sorts of conditions. We bought more bikes-bikes to ride to work on, bikes to ride fast on, bikes to ride trails on. In doing so, we have often been at the mercy of unscrupulous bike dealers who have pushed the wrong model, the wrong size, or the wrong sort of bike at us. And we always said IF we get the chance, we will do this right.