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Last evening ended late with complicated car sharing schemes for this morning’s BAR TTT.

The day started at 5am, with everyone catching up, loading cycles into cars and heading out to Hosakote.


The teams were

1. Nikhil, Pavan and Barefoot Bala
2. Riyaz (his first race), Ravi and Chirag

The race was awesome fun.

Now, this post isn’t about the race itself. Except that 4 people yelled “it’s the most fun!!!” since morning.


Once the boys returned to the store, it all started. Pavan was beginning to regret not managing to restock sunscreen. He proceeded to try and bring body temperature down. He managed to scandalise his family that dropped by for a quick visit.


After the wife and kid ran away screaming, they got down to lunch.

As usual, we fielded customer calls during lunch and answered with great alertness.


Pavan got second wind but Nikhil was complaining about his Achilles heels – his eyes – feeling tired. So…


The young are resilient, so they say. Our youngest one was all energy.


Nikhil figured a little Wiggle therapy might help. So he got on what we call “Yajaman mode”.


And then it was unapologetic siesta time everywhere. “If a customer walks in now…”


As these bits of text flit across my keyboard, normalcy (or what passes for it) is returning.



If by Zatopek’s reckoning, in every race, we die a little, these boys paid in full. Now, it’s resurrection time.

We’ll leave you with a caption from Pavan’s tee, which is true of us.


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