Photo courtesy: Raghu Mohan Sports Photography

Pavan Muthanna. One of the two Co-Cranks, Pavan started his bicycle business journey with setting up the Crankmeister store in 2012: after 5 years of of cycle evangelism for friends and family, it seemed the right thing to do. In his past professional life, Pavan has been a retail and marketing professional for longer than he likes to think about. Besides being a keen cyclist with an ever-growing stable of ever-changing cycles, he is also a Coffee Connoisseur,  Salacious Sultan, mountaineer, bookworm and fierce dad.


Nikhil Ram Mohan After a long and successful stint at Runners For Life, Nikhil’s found another home as Co-Crank. He’s at his best around grease, allen keys, drooling over frame design and all things mechanical. Nikhil has been famous for selling cycles to unsuspecting public for over 7 years. The ever-morphing bike stable force is strong with this one as well. Nikhil is also a mountaineer, a gadget guru and psychedelic music maven. He is identified at distances of upto a mile by his booming laugh. Among his less known talents are making great coffee, making eyes at Pavan, batting his long & curly lashes at the girls, identifying wild animals by their scat.


Photo courtesy: Flashbulbzz Photography

Mohammad Riyaz This one is a learning sponge disguised as a human. The youngest in the team, this talented boy already knows enough about cycles to write a book on. He is ever ready to smile and even readier to lend a hand to anything; no task too small for him. He’s seen the store develop from day one – and has played a part in not just hauling, lifting, installing etc., but also welcoming people, from the first customer onwards. His talent has earned him a highly justified reputation in bicycling circles. He is quite amazing at singing emotional movie songs.


Ajay Aren Another star find for the store, Ajay is an able lieutenant to Riyaz. A dab hand in the mech bay, Ajay has learnt rapidly from the maestros in the last year. He has taken to mountain biking and downhilling with great gusto; and shows amazing control on an MTB. He has been known to pun in at least 3 languages and has a wry sense of humour, which goes with the straight face he’s got going most of the time. He is also in an involved relationship with his phone at the moment.


Monica Pillai Resident jack-of-some-trades, weekend edition. She’s been around from the beginning as well, and didn’t go, which is a good thing, because she knows when people get hungry and lands up with food. She’s our occasional blogger, coffee orderer, stationery stocker, social media guy – when we make her, sidey photographer of embarrassing stuff and scolder when we run around with scissors (Theoretical situation. Never happened!)

bobPhoto courtesy: Adithya BM

Bob, the Second of His Name The newest and undoubtedly cutest entrant at the store. He takes on the night shift without a complaint and guards the store till we come back – and all he asks for in return is that everyone fawns over him, feeds him and his party friends, and generally makes a big deal of him. His personal credo, “One tail to find them, one tail to mind them. One tail to befuddle them all and in the darkness, bind them” makes us suspect he might be CEO of the store… or maybe Lord of the Universe.